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Garden City
Streetscape Project

Why this project?

The Garden City Streetscape Project is an initiative by the Horry County Government to create a vision for improvements to Waccamaw Drive and Atlantic Avenue in Garden City. During this project, we'll explore how to make these roads into "Complete Streets" by incorporating bike and pedestrian amenities, streetscaping elements, address traffic operations and safety, and improve beach access. 

Why this webpage?

Your feedback is an essential element of this process. This project webpage connects you (residents and neighbors) with the project team. Your feedback guides the project team towards strategies that reflect community values and meet community needs.

There are numerous ways for you and your neighbors to get involved and stay engaged throughout the project. Click on the OUTREACH tab to learn more about these efforts. Thank you for your participation in this Streetscaping Project.

What is the project timeline?

This planning effort will occur throughout 2022 with complete design and engineering being finalized in 2023.

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